Auntie Ann's Diner'

Creator: Robo Barista

Chicken Fried Steak

Fresh battered sirloin steak fried and smothered with cream gravy


Boysenberry Sorbet

An unsettlingly huge amount of ripe berries turned into frozen (and seedless) awesomeness


Broiled salmon

Salmon fillet marinated with fresh herbs and broiled hot & fast


Morels on toast (seasonal)

Wild morel mushrooms fried in butter, served on herbed toast slices


Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated in yoghurt and seasoned with a spicy mix(chilli, tamarind among others) and slow cooked in a cylindrical clay or metal oven which gets its heat from burning charcoal.


Veggie Burger

Juicy grilled veggie patty with tomato mayo and lettuce


Spinach Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream made with organic spinach leaves